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Anybody have a Skunk2 Shortshifter? pics/vids of difference?

i'm sussing what bits i want to get for my car just to make it nicer to drive. thinking about a short shifter with a shift extension and a nice gearknob to start with.

what have you got? i'd love to see a video of how extreme the skunk2 short shifter is.

I have the b and m race short shifter with a circuit hero knob and extension. The skunk 2 ones are really nice also. I think the k-tuned shifter is my next investment. They have a ton of settings and adjustments.

I had that B&M one and one day it just snapped on me. SUCKED!
Just letting you know.. have a spare on deck for when that one goes.

thanks dudes.

that k-tuned shifter is freaking awesome! huge overkill for what i need though.

i mostly want a shift extension, so i might also need a short shifter to go with it so i'm not punching the dash. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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