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any one know any shops in socal or websites that sell used?

hi i was wondering if any one knows any good reasonable shops in SO Cal or websites that sell used jdm parts? i just need total of 4 doors, both fenders, hood, and front support frame jdm or usdm? ive called password but no longer selling doors.
sorry i stopped posting because a few times someone tried multiple  times breaking into my white ef. and a few months 2 guys with a efsedan sticker parked a block away and walked my alley looking around my garage good thing my silver ef sedan was parked inside ive got cameras outside linked to my cel watching this occur. you get the idea!

I've got a hood for sale, but shipping is going to kill ya. I am in Florida.


im selling my white 89 lx for cheap im in the valley

Ef parts are hard to come by in shops anymore you'll gave to be really lucky to find something theres a shop called moshi moshi motors that sometimes brings ef stuff. Just try craigslist I've gotten lucky there and got some stuff for my ers

Good luck... Sucks to hear about theives

thanks 89civicracer ill pass on that too far if it was 40miles i would pick it up.

efjunkie how much? i was thinking of doing that too just buy another shot ef just for the fenders, doors and hood.

EF2dudesocal thanks ill look them up!

89ef2 sucks they drive the same car with the efcivicsedan sticker sucks to know there's thieves in this forum. I guess those vatos dont care about the 3 strikes.

not trying to be jdm or anything just want it up and running. dismantle honda yards want about $150 per door and $300 for usdm radiator hood core support. trying to see whats cheaper. thanks for the heads up

If u want usdm stuff I also suggest the junk yards when they have the 50% off sale. Because moshi motors brings mainly jdm stuff but they negotiate prices.

moshi george is pretty cool thanks a  million. the cost of the usdm doors are pricey compared to jdm doors. but when pick apart has sales on metal parts they either beat up or taken and a core charge. plus prices have gone up big time and charge for each nut screw and blubs. top it off gotta wait the metal detects to be searched.

god,i just not so clear about this.

What pick your part has metal detectors??

The one right off the 5fwy off roscoe and lankershim they been searching since march. under the table near the entrances theres a grip of fuses screws emblems injectors nuts bolts bulbs those are what metal detectors find from customers. Forum Index -> For sale/Want to buy/Want to trade
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