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another maroon bandit :)

hey everyone.. I have been lurking here for a while figured its time to be known and meet everyone Smile im here from california I have had my baby since i was 19 im now 30. my aunt was the first owner, figured it was time to fix her up Smile

my baby when I first started fixing her up

after a while i decided to change the rims and give her a polish paint was horrible

got a good deal on some work 3's so changed rims again. how she looks now

I got my son one also. but unfortunetely its got quarter panel rust and rocker rust, so ill be parting it out its blue on blue interior is pretty nice just dirty lol. anyone need parts let me know i would rather help u guys out instead of junking it and parts get destroyed..

its a 89

I have done tons of work to her so ill be making a build thread Smile

Yo Welcome dude! Nice Sedans;)
I've had a 88-89 sedan before also,
now i've got a fresh 90-91 sedan.
It's the one on top in the banner.
Put a build thread link below!

thanks man Very Happy

man your 4dr is freessshh!!! for sure ill start a build thread Cool

Tnx bro, already got a build thread?

yeah my build thread


thanks bro Cool Forum Index -> The Intro...
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