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Almond Cream YR-88 1988-1989
Asturias Gray Metallic Clearcoat NH-502M 1990 (1990 Canadian only)
Barbados Yellow Y-49 1988-1990
Blade Silver Metallic Clearcoat NH-95M 1988-1989
Blue Metallic Clearcoat B37M 1988-1989
Buckingham Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-59P 1991
Cappucino Brown Metallic Clearcoat YR-501M 1990-1991
Cardinal Red Metallic Clearcoat R-66M 1988-1989
Celestial Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-53P 1990-1991 (1990 U.S. only)
Charcoal Granite Metallic Clearcoat NH-531M 1990-1991 (1990 U.S. only)
Chateau Red Metallic Clearcoat R-61M 1988
Chianti Red Metallic R-67M 1989-1990
Cobalt Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-54P 1991
Concord Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-58M 1991
Flint Black Metallic Clearcoat NH-526M 1988-1990
Florence Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-37M 1988-1989 (1990 Canadian only)
Frost White NH-538 1991
Geneva Green Pearl Clearcoat G-62P 1991
Gold Metallic Clearcoat YR-87M 1988-1989
Gothic Gray Metallic Clearcoat NH-92M 1988
Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat NH-503P 1991
Grayish Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-35M 1988
Laguna Gold Metallic YR-87M 1988-1990
Laurel Blue Metallic B-49M 1990 (1990 U.S. only)
Madison Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-45P 1991
Medium Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-49M 1989
Montreal Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-35 1988
Pewter Gray Metallic Clearcoat NH-537M 1990-1991
Phoenix Red R-51 1988-1991 (1990 U.S. only)
Polar White NH-512 1988-1991
Polar White Z NH-512Z 1990 (1990 Canadian only)
Rio Red R-63 1988-1991 (Si)
Saxony Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-56M 1991
Sirius White Pearl Clearcoat NH-515P 1990 (1990 Canadian only)
Sonoma Red Pearl Clearcoat R-75P 1990-1991 (1990 U.S. only)
Stout Silver Metallic Clearcoat (Wheel) NH-75 1988-
Superior Blue Metallic B-47M 1988-1991 (1990 Canadian only)
Tahitian Green Pearl Clearcoat BG-28P 1991
Torino Red Pearl Clearcoat R-72P 1990-1991
Vogue Silver Metallic Clearcoat NH-583M 1991
Wein Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-52P 1991

hey man,

My codes R-75P sonoma red clearcoat. And from 1990, But im from aussieland Very Happy

Asturias Gray Metallic Clearcoat NH-502M 1990 (1990 Canadian only)
I have a 89 LX Sedan this color and it's from the USA.

heres a link that shows what some of those colors look like, if anyone is interested... Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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