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hey guys, you may or may not know me or my car, still fairly new here, and to the honda scene in general.

I know most of you guys are into having you're car build for speed and handling or what not, but I have one of those for a "FUN" car, and want a casual, dumped-A** car. So, hello air ride. This wouldn't be my first time playing with air ride, but it is on a honda.

My question is, anyone doing it? anyone know the cheepest parts to piece together for one? The other one I helped a buddy with was on a gti and was a kit, but I know its possible to piece together stuff. Such as using the compressor from a 90's-00's ford/lincoln with rear air ride. Any holding tank will work, just pressure tap some fittings too it. Air lines are also no problem. The site below has all the controllers and valves i'd need.

The only thing I'm stuck on is the air struts and/or springs. I've found this site,


but not sure what to look for as far as will it work with my shocks/struts (kyb's) and quality. Keep in mind this is my daily and gets about 50 miles a day. Trying to figure out if its worth it  to just front for the whole air strut or if i can get away with a universal type.

any advice and/or opinions is greatly appreciated and encouraged ;]


i ve seen some sedan with air rides and some with hydraulics just hit up a lower rider shop! im sure they can help you out.

There is a guy in my city that has air ride on his EG coupe but I dont know what kind of performance gains he got from it over a standard coil over setup. I know that Fender Bender International could probably steer you in the right direction to get an air ride setup on your civic. they were helping me piece together a setup for an old school mercury I had. They are located near Sacramento, California.

You should get in contact with FOUR-G on honda-tech he has/had bags in his sedan. I think there's youtube vids of him with them too. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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