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advan stick on my ef sedan????

thinkin of getting sidemarkers and putting the advan sticker on top wat u guys think? if u guys have and pics of ur sedan with them post pls???

unless you have advans.. dont do it.

If i had advans on my shit i wouldnt want everyone to know i had advans but where i live they steal modded hondas like crazy. i say do the sidemarkers and leave the stickers off.

Those Advan stickers refer to the tyres more that the alloys as far as I know.. Yokohama Advans are very popular in Japan and a great track tyre..

Had them on my sedan but cant find pictures of them at the minute Confused

Put stickers if the company gives you discounts, free stuff, sponsor you or if its  a friends shop/part/crew etc. stickers on cars gives crooks an idea what they can get. Its up to you as long as it aint nismo, trd sticker on a honda.

yea i been lookin up adva wheels but would like sumthin with a offset though

Nice good quality lookin rims.

I wouldn't put them on even if i had the wheels :p idk they dont look good in our sedans.. I had a set before.. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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