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Adjustable camber arms?

Whats the cheapest you can go and still be safe?

basically can i rock ebay arms and not worry about the crap breaking or do i need to spend a lil more money?

whats your guys opinions and experiences

not a single set i 110% safe, but i would rather pay some extra for camber arms. Got Skunk2 Pro series camber kit (front) are pretty happy with them, i think BLOX have for 88-91 civic/crx to.

Biggest reason its a bit more expensive, is that the balljoints bushings are better on some brands. I suck at explaining so i hope someone else can explain a bit better than me Smile

But, as i said, i would rather pay a bit extra for a good set than a random cheap ebay kit Wink

You dont need a camber kit. Especially if your going for a low offset look. The amount of natural camber our cars make is good enough for any application. When the uca goes high so does the amount of negative camber....but if you really want a camber kit run the ingalls type bolt kit.

mitsubishiv5 wrote:
but if you really want a camber kit run the ingalls type bolt kit.

+1 I think I'll got them, less expensive than Skunk2 front upper arm  Wink
Sam Pizzle


I agree.  I tried adjustables (Skunks)and ended up back at the stocks for a couple reasons...the offset, and then driveability.  Turning is quicker with negative!  Save your money, trust!  Good Luck! Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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