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About time I joined

Well I'm sure the mods will recognize me by my user name as it's the same as on H-T.

It's about time I got on here aswell so I made a point of joining. Got the car in march of this year and have been working on it whenever I get a chance. I love this car and I'm proud to say I obsess over it.

Anyways my name is Kevin, I'm 25 years old, and I'm planning on sticking around, so I'll keep you guys posted.

Here's a couple new pic's I just put up on H-T.

Thanks for looking!  Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome Very Happy  So glad you've decided to make an account on EFCS.  

For those that don't know, he started with this (jelly?)

You're making one hell of a sedan.  Keep doing what you do and let me know when you'd like this thread transferred to the project section.

Welcome super clean sedan.
Dolie ED3

Nice sedan!welcome,love the colour Smile

Thanks everyone. It's my pride and joy along with my other Honda cars. I don't seem to have a problem dumping money into this car.

Next big thing will be a rear sway bar. I'll be welding in some DA swaybar brackets to the rear unibody. I'm not a huge fan of the nut and bolts way. Also going to start with a factory sized DA rear sway and see how it goes.

very good maintenance sedan

nice, bro

Thanks. Next thing to do is a valve adjustment. Loud tick when it's cold from the head. I'm thinking maybe the lifters need adjusting.

I miss driving this car soooo much!

Next thing is to remove the now broken MK3 lip and install my soon to arrive access honda fog lights.

Heres some pics of the damage. I must say I like the lip and I'm pretty sad it's broken. I know others don't like them but I did.

Did an oil change on it before the cold winter weather settled in.

This is the sign I own too many Honda's. I have my own Honda key rack and it's full now...

I have saved another sedan from a poor life. Unfortunatly it's not a EF sedan, but never the less important to me. The reason my key holder is now full...

Could the mods please move this to the build section? I think it's time it got moved over there. Thank you.

welcome ! that sedan is super clean ! looks like mine..
any engine and interior shots ?  Cool
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sweet and moved Smile

Thanks for moving it!

Sure heres some interior pictures

Don't mind the backpack. I forgot to clean it out before I took the picture.

These are from the summer that I totally forgot to post up. I had a blast being the only one there with a EF sedan. That and the drive to the meet was alot of fun with the new suspension.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Looks like a big meet.  Nice shot with the Skyline's in the background  Twisted Evil

Clean sedan, car looks in very good condition. Makes me miss my grey 89 lol
Edison Carasio

Really awesome.  Like it alot.

What year is that front VW lip from ? I might get one for my sedan. Is it an easy install ?

Great to see you over here sir!

It's a lucky thing that we never got 4dr integras over here... I would have definitely bought one instead of my sedan  Shocked

Any more pics or deets? Looks real clean!

I am unsure of the model years on VW's but it's from a MKIII GTI. Hope that helps.

Yes, I'm in love with sedans since I bought my EF on last March.
I'm not trying to make this into my integra thread so I'll try and keep it short!!!

Integra's have always been my passion since first owning one way back in '06. I still have that one and I am currently building it. Check it out here:

This DB1 I just bought is a fully loaded '92 GS with optional leather and 5spd. 5 speed sedan's are not as common as I once thought they had been.

I bought it off the second owner who had owned it for 1 year. Current mileage is 155,xxxkm. All maintenance was done at Honda since day one. Vehicle just had clutch, timing belt, water pump, MC, rebuilt booster, etc.

I bought the car with the Thule roof rack on it as I worked out a little deal. The wind deflector had what appears to be egg thrown at it so the plastic is damaged. So I sticker bombed it for now and I guess inadvertently become "trendy" in the Honda scene now. I didn't realize this was a new fad! Oh well I guess you can't win it all.

JDM one pieces are awaiting install. I currently am just fixing usual water leaks, broken/shrunk trims, light bulbs and climate control lights. Just general up keep I guess. I've got a brand new power antenna mast and now rear cover as this one is damaged and rusting.

Anyways on with some pics

This is why I haven't taken any better pictures yet. Winter sucks!


Optional leather! Damn, any interior pics?

I'll try and snap some tomorrow as I've got the day off of work. Very mint with no tears or cracks.

Heres the only one I have for now


I'm so jelly!

lol thanks spee.

I feel fortunate to have found that vehicle. I recently lost a dear friend this early fall and I feel somehow it was meant to be. He was a very avid integra enthusiast and was one of the reasons I bought my first one. I have not driven one since starting my build back in '06. We had made many promises to go cruising in our DA's once mine was done. Unfortunately he died September 12 2011, so that chance will never come.

It took me a couple months to get out of a depressed state after it happened. I just happened to check out the classified section of a local forum and found this car.

Small update:

These showed up finally today. I almost cheered like a little girl when I had seen the postman pull in the driveway.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

So awesome!

this sedan is so clean  hump Forum Index -> Project Logs
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