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A Sedan is not allowed to look like this!

I "slaughtered" (is this the right word?) today a ED4 Sedan.
The enginge runs since one year in my ED7 H/B.
Normally I only wanna to change the power steering from the ED4 into my ED7.
But then we did all off the car.
On wednesday or thursday it goes along.
I'll put off the exhaust system (except the muffler), rear window, wheel house right behind, shock absorbers, brake system.
Sadly, the front window broke, when I tried to put off the drip rail(? sorry. I dunno the word Embarassed) - it was in a great condition! Sad

So, pictures tell more than a thousand words.

BACKGROUND!!! But.. for what is that srew!?!?!?!?

rust fell off everywhere on the floor

right behind, inner wheel house

right behind

left behind

you can stick it in without using any force. Surprised

left behind

rusty rocker panel

there must happend an accident? I dunno.... I don't wanna know! Sad

front right

The first part I can use again!
The wheel house right behind I'll detach. It's in a good condition. One of the rare GOOD parts on this car Sad


under the rear seat on the left:

How can there be RUST????
Door left behind

See this thread as a warning! Be careful with your sedans!
Please!!! Be careful!

oh my rust!!! Shocked  Shocked

thats weather in germany...for you   Sad

Was this YOUR sedan? Or just a sedan that you picked up recently?

Cool that your rear seats split fold, i don't know of any other country that got that option.

I bought this car last year in June from a family, that lived in the near of the Baltic sea. The wind there was very salty from the sea.
They meant, they had the car since 1990 after the rebound of Germany (where the car was, was former DDR -> They said, that this was the first "western" car, that they bought. The woman was crying, when I picked it up Surprised
But it's the part of the owner to hold a car clean.
Things like this:

or this:

.... I'm not able to understand how this can happen!
I found cigarettes UNDERNEATH the carpet!
I found glueing things in the center console and the glovebox...

what ya want for the bumper  Very Happy

I ear that is what my sedan will look like, when I remove the bumper.  Sad

please, forget it! I hoard every part. I could get so much money for the parts... I know that! But if something is wrong with my ED2.... where shall I get the parts? What's better, than own inventary?
So, I won't sell anything. Please understand me... sorry Embarassed

O.o if its like that, I will trade you for my USDM bumper  Very Happy

That way you dont loose no inventory  Razz

Its clean!

did you just pull your car out of the ocean? The rust is unbelievable.

rust!!!!!! good luck with that man props just for trying

man you must have wanted someone on here to shed a tear...i know i almost did, no sedan should look like that, thats sedan cruelty which is very punishable lol but really ...WHY... sad  Crying or Very sad

uuh.. clickediclick
2 links...

CRX EE8 for sale here in Germany.....(click "Bilder" for more pictures)
hmm.... Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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