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92-93 Integra GSR OEM muffler on 88 civic sedan ?

Will a 92-93 Integra GSR OEM muffler fit good on a 88 civic sedan ?

heres some pics to show...


Here is a DA muffler (oem replacement) on my 91. You can see where you need to cut and reweld the hangers to get it to fit the ED.


^^ What tips are you using ?
Also, you should have sprayed yours with high heat flat black paint to prevent corrosian. I did it to mine. Came out awesome !

I'll take some pics of mine tomorrow. Smile

It's still covered with the stock aluminum paint finish, it will protect it. I'm just using generic Auto Zone pencil tips. It's a little too quiet, but I will rock it for now.

I took some pics of my 1992 GSR muffler installed on my 1988 LX sedan. All I had to do was relocate the hangers. I also put 2 coats of high heat spray flat black paint on it for extra corossian protection.

I'm going to change out the Si tips for GSR tips.

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