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91 EF...New to the site

Picked it up about 2 months ago. Let me know what u think. Thanks.


Welcome. Looks awesome bro

Welcome looks like a good start.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Yeah, what those two just said  Razz  Seriously though, nice progress in such a short amount of time.  This probably isn't your first rodeo.

Thanks!! Nope  I've had a few civics but is my first EF.
Just got a DA lip last night for $10

Click to see full size image

looks nice. what r the specs on those wheels?

I'm not sure,  I think 205/50 15'

I have same size. And I hate em they rub like a mofo. I need $$$ for some thinner tires.  Sad    Are you going to lower it?

Mine don't rub but I do want thinner tires. What kind of wheels u got?
Yeah imma lower it as soon as I get $ for an alinement .


I don't even know. I thought they were Eta Beta basketweaves and
there's is another brand "Exip" both sets 15x7 27 offset and both made
in Italy. My wheels have all the specs on them even the made in Italy
but they don't have brand.   Shocked .  I'll try to post a pic so you can
see them

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