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9005 headlight conversion

The idea behind this swap is to put 9005 highbeam headlight bulbs into your 9006 lowbeam sockets. The 9005 lights are 70% brighter then the 9006's so they are a great alternitive to HIDS which cost a lot more.

You do not have to replace all lights at the same time but I did anyway. Each light costs about $10.

What you will need:
At least TWO 9005 lights.
A dremel tool with a grinding and cutting wheel.
One flat head screw driver with small tip.

To remove the lights reach behind the light housing and twist the grey nob. It is hard to turn but once it was been losend you may remove the light. To remove the light from the socket push down on the little tap on the top of it and pull on the light. This is even harder to do but once it comes out you may begin work. DO NOT touch the light bulb on either removal or replacement. Not only are they very easy to break but the oil from your skin will cause a hot spot on the light causing them to burn out very fast.

These are 9005 lights.

Notice how they have two little bumps inside the socket. These are there to prevent you from installing them in a 9006 socket.

These are 9006 lights.

These only have one bump so you dont install them into the 9005 socket.

This is a shot of the 9005 and 9006 together respectivly.

In order to place the 9005 light into the 9006 socket you must totaly remove the TWO bumps from the 9005 socket.

This is a side shot of one of the lights.

Notice the groove on the left side of the pic on the light. When looking at the light from the top down it will be at the top of the light and slightly off to one side. This must be filed down by about 3/4ths to fit inside the 9006 housing. This is because The groove on the 9006 housing for that particular bump is opposite of the 9005 light so that you dont put the wrong bulb in there. On the 9006 light the bump is on the left side of the light when looking at it from the top down and on the 9005 it is on the right.

The final thing you must do is remove the O-ring from the 9006 light (yellow on stock lights) and put it OVER the 9005 O-ring (usualy red.) This is because this part of the 9005 light is slightly smaller then the 9006 light and so if you were not put the 9006 O-ring on it it wouldnt fit tightly enough. It should come off rather easily with a small screw driver or even a toothpick. Just place the tip under and slowly work it out of the groove. To place on the 9005 light simply roll it on top of the 9005 O-ring.

This is a pic of my car after doing this conversion. I must say it makes a improvment over the puny stock lights.

Note in this pic my right light was slightly out of direction. If you find that yours are like this to simply adjust the adjuster screws until both sides are even.

ps the pic wasnt taken on a golf course.[/url]

I don't this stuff is legal . You basically driving with high beam . A lot of drivers will be pissed.

tuff titty said the kitty. Not only do I not care what they think I hardly ever got the lights flashed at me. Thats illegal here BTW. I'm pretty sure this is legal.

I did this one a waaaays back with my Raybrig 9005's on my first EF sedan, I had purchased the wrong bulbs and said "f--- it"...yes, they were very bright, did I care that I got flashed almost every night? What do you think? Twisted Evil

it may be slightly brighter to oncoming traffic.. but its not as bright as you think because your low beams are pointed more downwards then your highs.

This method isn't illegal.

The high beam bulb is housed into a low beam housing.

The low beam housing has a metal cap in the center of the headlight causing the light to reflect off the low beams housing then out the lens.

This is what seperates low beam from high beams.

This is the general setup for cars but some cars might have capped high beams as well, not that it makes a difference to the high beams.

As for headlight beam angle.

USDM set ups call for offset beams.

Both aimed low to not blind oncoming traffic but high enough to see a few car lengths.

Driver head light must be low in order to not blind oncoming traffic, passenger head light must be slightly higher in order to see road signs.

This is vice versa for other countries since they drive on the other side of the road.

But if your lights are bright as shit, keep them both low.

You would be surprised at how many drivers can barely see at night and still drive. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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