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90 EX touge monster/rocketship build.

Sup sedan bros. just stumbled upon this forum after being on for a while. I wanted to let you all know about the rocket ship I'm building that will hopefully launch me into orbit. But seriously, I'm building this EF to have the absolute best handling, acceleration, and braking possible. Also 400+whp

About 6 months ago I bought a mint 1990 civic ex sedan with a y7 Frankenstein in it. I believe it had a y7 block, z6 head, y8 intake mani, and some cable tranny I don't remember. I'll only be using the y7 block and z6 head. Got pretty lucky with it though because when I cracked it open it had an 8lb flywheel, some unknown x stage clutch, blockgaurd, upgraded valve springs, and it had been bored to 75.5 already so pretty good score.

What I have now is a car with no interior or engine in it, and HUGE pile of performance parts ready to be installed
Current parts ready for install/parts already on:

?Edlebrock performer x intake
?ID 750's
?Triflow stage 2 cam from colt cams in Canada
?golden eagle adjustable cam gear
?Wiseco 75.5mm pistons WITH heavy duty wrist pins
?Eagle H beam rods
?Acl race bearings
?ATI super damper
?mfactory Close ratio gears (so much fun!)
?Stage 4 competition clutch
?Hush performance cable to hydro bracket
?Mfactory helical LSD
?innovative 65a mounts
?Snow performance stage 2 water meth kit with boost/spray gauge
?go autoworks top mount, twin scroll, no wastegate provision EF manifold
?Borg Warner EFR 67/58g twin scroll TURBSKI with internal WG and compression recirc valve
?IC piping will go from 2" turbo to IC then 2.5" from IC to throttle body
?Hondata s300
?Innovate wideband and EGT
?glowshift oil pressure and coolant temp
?sparco red sprint v seats
?blue sabelt 6 point clubman straps
?12 point roll cage
?ksport coilovers
?crx si rear disc trailing arms, slotted rotors and new oem calipers
?all new energy suspension bushings
?megan racing control arms front and back
?ARP extended lug studs.
?2 vibrant mufflers and a vibrant resonator (3.5" mandrel alllllll the way back)
?hondata coil pack retrofit

I'd tell ya the fuel this dragon will use but it's more of a Potion lol. 92 pump from shell cut with 100 octane low led, 50/50 water meth injection
Currently preparing the body for its new heart.

I'm sure there is more I forgot but if ya got a question just ask. got a few Honda wizards that are helping me with this as well.


Currently undecided on the size of the rear sway bar I wanna run. Like title says, I'm gonna use this thing mostly for the local touge roads in my area but this thing is gonna be mostly for track use as well. The ksports I have are 12kg front/10.5kg rear (roughly 700lbs and 600lbs respectively) thinking about going stiffer but I'll prolly wait till the car is running to see how they feel with whatever sway bar I choose. Just trying to find a happy medium of oversteer. What size ones are y'all running?

Wow! This is going to be epic Twisted Evil

I'm already waiting for updates. Remember to link some videos of it running too!

I'm thinking about running the same cam actually, only heard good things.

Might be a minute till she's running but once she is, I promise you'll be seeing lots of her. The decision to get the tri flo stage 2 from colt cams was a long process. I wanted a cam that would be very torquey and match well with my extremely quick spooling turbo. I had never seen anyone put a twin scroll turbo on a d series either so I didn't have much to go off of. I wanted quite a bit more duration as well to give me as much time as possible to shove boost into the cylinders lol Forum Index -> Project Logs
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