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90 DX sedan

New to this site bought a 1990 DX sedan around two months ago after my eg was stolen. I bought the car pretty much stock just a minor drop. I got to work right away and did minor thing like a momo quick release new suspension used my friends blades painted my front and back bumpers and moldings, but while doing that i dropped one of the fogs and broke the lens, I wasnt really worried since they were autozone ones that came with the car when I purchased the car. So I saved up enough money to get new rims and tires. Running 15x8 +10 with 175/50.  Enjoy I will keep updating the thread as I go along.

Photos go in order of when I bought it to how it looks right now
Sorry for the phone pictures


Car doesnt look too shabby.... welcome to the site

Thanks man going for the old school look

lookin good , what kind of wheels  are those?

Thanks man they are esm

how much did they set you back?

looks good. reminds me of a friend's old car.

I got them on sale from the shop for 500 usually go for 175 each.

Thanks man
Good comments means a lot to me especially since I'm new here trying to get to know the people here

Your ride look sick bro, there's a member on ht with those same wheels, I'll to to post a pic of his ride. But your car looks sick.  Very Happy

4dred6 wrote:
not mine

Let me know if u want me to remove the pics.

Thanks bro

My friend showed me pictures of his car and I read his thread I saw it on stance nation

And Naw man its koo you can leave the pictures up

Welcome, hot lokin sedan.

very clean look.

Thank you

More pictures should be posted up by the weekend I just got my fogs back I bought some off my friend they are oem prelude fogs I had my friend clear them for me Ima spray them yellow and out a yellow bulb should be on Saturday
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome to the forum, glad you found us.

I know it's already been said but looks clean!

Thanks man I'm going to make a thread on the project log so I can show everything Ima be doing to it pretty soon

siik bro looking clean. wheels and drop look perfect on your car

Thanks man

Nice sedan, this site is the SHIT!!!. Lol enjoy your stay and dam Ppl pay 175$  per wheel Ppl do know there reps?

What suspension you sitting on? And where you from?

Welcome bro, nice sedan, thick rims! Cool

Thanks man I love this site so many friendly people here
I'm on function form type 1, Nothing special
Yea they are reps are the borbet type A's I don't really care if they are reps its my daily and I'm just a teen trying to have a nice looking sedan

And thanks man a lot of people are loving the wheels:)

Nothing against you or your wheels, thats just alot for them, they are nice and fit the sedan well=) everyone seems liking the type 1's I might need to snatch up a set,

I know man Just saying
And they ride good I like the ride in freeways car feels smooth I has these on my EG and now on the sedan and I can't complain Smile and the price is also good Forum Index -> The Intro...
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