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90 dx rustoleum paint job

i just started paint my 90 dx over the weekend black it was blue it was just to much blue when i finish the paint job this weekend comin up im plainin on doin a interior swap and then after that im goin to do a ls or a zc swap i will post pics this weekend when i have time to take them cause i work like crazy i wish i had more time to work on my car because i would like to get it done before the ef meet in morgantown pa this is my first civic i owned my first honda was a 03 accord 4dr ex sliver with black leather interior tv's all over slammed on koing 18s but when i got locked up they ceased my car and all my sh** show now im building a car on a 9 to 5 pay check its much harder but i been into hondas for a long time now  sense the first time i learned how to drive 5 speed in my cuzin ef hatch when i was 12 so im takein my time and im goin  to do this right without crack money cant wait intel imcome tax time lol


Re: 90 dx rustoleum paint job

gettinmoneyny wrote:
i just started paint my 90 dx over the weekend black it was blue

I'm yet to see a black rustoleum job that doesn't look like a ghetto POS.

Hope yours turns out better.


yea some cars do look bad but im taken my time on my prep work and im wet sanding after every 2 coats i did alot of research and i compared it to to alot of spray bomb jobs and some of them dont look bad so i reliezed that im i take my time on my prep work and my wet sanding that it might come out good if not ill just use a single stage paint

and thank u for the good luck and 4g4d civic is a unique car to build

When do you plan to have it done by? I'd like to see pics.


this weekend cause my bday is on the 13th i seen a pair of rh classics 16x7 i was thinkin about buyin the guy is sellin them for 300 do u think they will rub

What what is the offset? 16's probably won't rub since you car doesn't look lowered much if at all. But might look a little odd with such a big wheel.

Make sure to post pics of the paint. I am curious to see how it comes out also.


yea i will but im lowering my car 2.5 Forum Index -> Project Logs
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