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90-93 sedan cb7 accord rear seats in ef sedan?

Was wondering if its possible to fit 90-93 accord sedan rears in the ef sedan ive seen them in the junk yard and they look almost identical, I find oem black accord rears all day in leathers also they have armrest in the rear they look so much better if any1 has them post here if not, this weekend im.tryin it with some black accord leathers I just found there hopefully they fit. Ill.keep you's updated!!!!!

Heres a pic of some i found

Waiting for some progress photos.

Lol im going 1st thing in the morning trust and believe every1 will find out tomorrow lol ,

see if you can find a set of fogs off of a 92-93 accord while your there. I can seem to find any for a good price. Would also like the have the full harness along with them. Its 3 parts A B and C and the switch.

Good luck on the seat tho. I think they are a little bigger than the efs. I have a 92 accord and so does my cousin. Its deff bigger than the little ef

Accord fogs never going to happen lol not here in florida, as for the seats I know that they are bigger, but as long as the clips match up it will be fine they only have more cushion thats all

Yeah they are hard to find for the 92-93 and when you do people think they are gold and want way to much for them

Was there any result to this? Im intereted if it fit.

I havent got to do it, the weekend that I was going to do it, my clutch pressure plate and flywheel took a shit. So I had to spend money on that 1st. This weekend I will be hitting the junk yard so ill see wassup.

If it wasnt such a pain to take them out I could get my cousin to take his out to see how they would fit in mine. Just not the easiest thing to test fit haha

I have a CB as a daily. The rear seats are too tall for the EF. They don't fit. If you sit them in there, the headrests nearly touch the roof.

Well to clear things up I did this, cb7 seats do not fit, bottoms dnt buckle dwn only 1 does and the top sides are not wide enough, only part that does fit are the top half middle section and it does not tough the roof. I did it it looked really well sad that the other parts dnt line up though, really wanted that rear seat armrest to give it and extra good look in the rear. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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