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87 ED4 Build Up Story

Hey guys...time to start my project thread:)
but at first: sorry if my english isn't that good or ghetto-proofed enough Laughing

around 3 months ago i bought my second 4th gen civic.
a 87 civic ed4 with 110hp d16 engine...i bought it for 150€
really cheap cause in germany the sedans are very rare.
first thing i've seen was rust, rust and much more rust!

first thing i did:
get the hell outa here^^

also the wrecked front axle found it's way out:

because i hate swap mounts:


so the engine was in....

THE PEOPLE WANT TO SEE MORE!!! lol, cant wait to see it come together

Niiccee!!! Dont pee on the D series!!

Welcome. ... nice sedan
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice, looking forward to seeing more Very Happy

thx for your comments!
time for updates! Laughing

i just put all the cables in, to look if the motor's running!

the fuse box found it's way under the dash. i also tucked the lightning wires etc....

map sensor and these stuff went also under the dash.

seems to be clean enough, some little cleaning jobs will come later;)

the air intake is not the correct sollution, i know. but the engine can't wait to get itīs biggest update so it wasn't that important to me Wink

after doin' all that i cleaned the axle parts, coloured them and put a energy suspension masterkit in:

Wink  greets

Can't go wrong with silver.

~Sp33~ wrote:
Can go wrong with silver.

what do you mean?

that happened last times:

lowest coilover you can get for ee/ed/ef series in germany:

i didn`t lower the rear enough!

2 inches left at the coilover! if i want i can drop it to the floor Very Happy

changed the head gasket:

project engine bay:

and now i started to get the whole car free of rust! much work to do^^

it takes a lot of time because i do this work the first time!
an don`t worry about the VTCE... this is our favourite fail of a drunken friend so VTEC changed to VTCE Laughing  Laughing  Laughing
Dolie ED3

Love your back brake disc!they only on a eudm ed4 i thought.where are you from in germany?im from Haarlem the Netherlands.and the other sedans in the picture there usdm honda,s i the half clear half amber front corners!

nice job, what king of coilover is it ? do you have other picts from the black sedan ?

thx, the coilover is a "H&R Böhman Motorsport" Coilover. It`s specially built for track cars...

Iīm from Berlin!

the left one got a d16turbo inside, the dark brown waits for itīs b18 turbo, both from a friend an the otherīs mine:)
Dolie ED3

How is the black usdm sedan lowered?like the stance of it!
You guys dont like weitec hard- soft adjustable coilovers?
I rock them,very happy with them.good drop Smile
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I think sp33 meant to say can't go wrong with silver.  I love what you're doing and the fact that you have two friends who are into this too.  Thank you for posting your build thread here Very Happy

nice work man keep it up.

thanks guys! the black one is only lowered with springs!
my buddy donīt like the handling with coilovers Laughing

@ef sedan enthusiast: the other two sedans belong to one person:P

@dolie1973: had a weitec in my old ej2, was also very happy with it, but i sold it with the car and now i got the h&r...very very short dampers Laughing

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  tody i also got a new black valve cover but i didn't shot some pics of it

That looks awesome, lol, I'm not a fan of splatter paint but the braided lines look sweet. Good stuff man.

Very Happy
Dolie ED3

Damn!thats B serie looks sweet.also taking care of the rust!
Thumbs up !  Smile
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Keep it up, love the progress!

just started some action today:

and some spoiler works:


GREAT Project!!

The work on the rust looks great! Is that a 16v CRX spoiler your making fit?

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
I think sp33 meant to say can't go wrong with silver.  

Oh whoops! Yeah i meant to say "Can't go wrong with silver".

That's a real thorough rust restoration job, looks great.

hey my buddy...cut the silver piece of rust into pieces! thereīs nothing you can do for! i looked it in real and there is no end...between every two pieces of metall is rust inside!  
Crying or Very sad

concentration to the us ed3 daily first! something unique here in europe   Razz

if i do so, iīll change the usdm facelift to eudm preface:P like that much more

ok,give me your usdm corner lights then 4 free  Laughing  Shocked  Shocked  Wink


If your giving lights away ill take your tail lights... I promise ill do them justice

no no:) was just a joke.
sedan parts are so rare in germany that i canīt give away only one thing of it Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

some news Very Happy  
picked up my second sedan! 91 ed3 USDM Laughing  
love the seatbelts Laughing

slammed!!! Cool

redline at 8k an amber needles..i like it:)

after the first kmīs  Very Happy

then i swapped from dpfi to mpfi VTEC^^

now i also installed the invidia n1 to it and everyday iīm happy to drive it:) b16 sedan with cruise control:P
thatīs it. project work comes in winter i think...
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice  Twisted Evil

some pics of the progress comin soon! built a new wiring for the engine and the ecu. her some videos of today...donīt wonder about the steering wheel:P

i think itīs time for some updates Very Happy  
i moved to a new garage, what takes a lot of money and time and i`m not ready with it till now. here some pics of it:

moving in Very Happy

me installing the electric:

so that`s it for today! tomorrow some updates from the sedan Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I'm jealous.  Wish I could get into a garage like that.

x 2  Very Happy

thanks! searched a long time for it cause in berlin it's very hard to find such a place. most of them are really expensive and to small to do some action in it Laughing

here the new rims for the sedan:
7x15 zender wheels

think they fit Cool
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Those look awesome!

Great project. I will be checking back often to see your progress.

thx guys!  Embarassed  
just another part: nardi woodline

i think in february the garage is finished and then i can start the building of the sedan!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice wheel  Very Happy

last two days i worked hard Smile canīt wait to go back to garage again! ^^



Nice progress. Like your garage Wink
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sweet  Very Happy

That garage is awesome!

wheels are awesome. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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