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36i Limited JDM EF3

This came up for sale just a few minutes from my place soooo tempted but cant justify buying another car Sad

1989 JDM EF3 36i Limited Sedan

SOHC 1.6zc engine

Original spoiler, side skirts (with mud flaps), Foglight bumper but the originals are gone..

The colour isnt original but the Gunmetal colour it is now really suits it

While Id love to buy the car I really need to get mine finished but have been talking to him and he said he would sell me the side skirts and spoiler if I want them Cool

Here it was from the previous owner..

He sold this car for 350!!!! Shocked


taillights  love

Nice headlights. What are those..

Not sure something from ebay I think

Power folding mirrors too.

Those sideskirts are a bitch to work with, you're guarenteed to snap every clip trying to remove them, and you have to drill/cut out your rocker panel to fit them.

Wouldn't take much to get it looking good ie ditch every light on the front end and replace it with original stuff, haha. Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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