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35M Super Extra

Well finally got it home and got to give it a very quick wash to knock the leaves and stuff off it Cool

Laquer on the roof and bonnet are bad and theres a few scrapes and bumps on the body but its not too bad at all. The rear arches and like new compared to what mine were

Towed it home because the plugs were taken out of it for some reason, refitted them connected the battery and she fired up

Theres a surprising amount of differences between this car and my original Irish one:

Bronze Glass
Chrome Rubstrips and Window surrounds
One piece rear seat
KMs Clocks
Air Con
Power Steering
Electric Mirrors
Electric Windows Front and rear
One Piece Headlights
Chrome surround tails
JDM Rear bumper recess
Different style front seats

Unfortunately the car seems very smokey but I hadnt really planned on using it anyway so probably better off cause Id be tempted otherwise and forget my other sedan

Plan is to use the Bronze Glass, carpet, centre console and rear bumper on my sedan have no idea what I want to do with this then.. A D15 Vtec swap would be cool but wouldnt happen anytime soon..

Super Extra Awesome! That is a nice ride... Glad to see you finally got it home

Thats one clean sedan.  Hell I thouhgt we lost you to the subie world Proper lol.

this would be the new project...
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I would love to get my hands on one of these.  Eventually I'll buy a 35xtLTD

Id love this as a new project but really cant afford to do it justice I need the parts more to finish mine Confused
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Smart move and what you don't use, you can probably sell.

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Smart move and what you don't use, you can probably sell.

Thought Id get flamed for even suggesting it Embarassed

Anyone interested in parts can let me know and Ill keep ye updated if I do start to break it Wink

Good news for this!!

A friend of mine got a sedan as a project but due to rust around the arches and sills he kept putting it on the long finger..

Soooooo since mine is a fairly rust free shell and in alot better condition body wise hes gonna make the two cars into one..

This means Ill get to keep what I need off of this and he gets what he needs to build one good one... He already has a 1.5 dual carb engine sourced since both these sedans are smokey..

Here is his one:


Win win. Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

You're a good man!

Yea Im happy now to know that it wont go to waste going to strip down what I need off it this week it the rain ever stops and have a clear run at my one then Very Happy Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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