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1st gear and2nd gear only

I took my carnfor a drive this morning everything was working fine and then this afternoon intook it for another run and the car would onky drive into 1st and 2nd gear only. No other gear work including reverse,

First of all what kind of tranny/engine do u have?

Around how many miles does the clutch have?

Have you checked the fluid level?

You said it just works on 1st and 2nd but does it go into the other gears?

D16z6 the clutch have around 500miles on it. Car doesnt go into any other gear.

pedal? How does it feel? the same as always

Same as always. No different

Try checking the fluid level

My construction lights just burn out ill check that fluid level tomorrow. Thanks alot for the help dude

Np. Let me think of more ways to check it tho

it can be the tranny case if you hit something. i had that issue too. the tranny i swapped in would only goto neutral and first. my brother dropped the tranny long before i installed it

Check the linkages/cables are still correctly attached at the gearbox. Sounds like it might've come loose Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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