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Edison Carasio

1991 Honda Civic DX sedan - Marie: build thread

Most of this is compiled from other threads on other forums, but I guess since this is THE EF sedan project forum, I will compile it here.

Bought her with no engine, trans, axles, wheels, or exhaust or ECU.  

I installed an engine, wired it to OBD-1, converted the dizzy and installed trans and axles, put the front end together and put wheels on it.  I installed an entire exhaust system and it looked like this.

Cell pic:

Then I got it home and cleaned her up.  Tossed in a Mugen shift knob and ITR shift boot.

Knob and boot

Next came seats.  These are blue DA Integra seats with auto belts.  Bolted in using three of the four bolt holes until I can fab up some seat pans that will make it bolt in correctly.  I did'nt wanna do it this way, but the other seats were stained and ugly.

Next up was to install a support bracket on the driver side behind the pumper and to tidy up the front end and finish attaching the 86-89 Integra lip

Much straighter than before.

For the past few days I've been sick but I felt ok earlier and got something else done.

Installed a Prelude steering wheel.  90-91 I believe.  I did a horn mod so the horn works like a 88-91 horn (the Prelude one used a plug instead of the metal conductor ring thing, if I recall).  I used to have this in my CRX.

Random pic

This needs installed when I have time and I feel better.

Yesterday I installed a P28 cuz the one that came with my swap was bad.  Was using a PO6 to run the D16Z6.  Runs much better and pulls good on the highway.

Thanks for reading, I'll keep updating.  Sorry it's still slow, but mostly wanna make it reliable and look ok for now.  GO FAST will be in the future when my 08 Fit is paid for.  Maybe turbo D build, or a F23 VTEC with the Bisi kit to use a D series trans or a cheap LSVTEC build.  All are viable options I guess.

Looks good man.
Edison Carasio

I haven't had the cash to do much but I installed a dual exit CRX Si (oem) exhaust.  I was backing up and hit the curb at  my house with the stock sedan exhaust I had.  FAIL.  Pics to come.  The exit pipes are about 8 inches too short to come to the end of the bumper, but otherwise PERFECT fit.  Bolted right up  Scored it for $10 at the junk yard, no rust or holes on it.

I think I'm gonna get some clamps and pipes with some stock looking tips on them to extend it to the bumper.
Edison Carasio

Last week I was backing up and hit the curb like a n00b and broke my muffler so I went junk yarding.  I knew where this CRX Si was and lucky enough someone had dropped the rear trailing arms and left the muffler.  It was cut before the flange (thank God!) but the two flanges were rusted together.  I busted them off and installed the muffler (same install as sedan).  

However, the exit pipes are too short so I fixed em.  Here's the write up for it.  I think it turned out pretty good.

Here is the muffler that came off the car last week.  Yuck.

Here's what the CRX Si muffler looked like installed.  Fit was perfect, hangers perfect and flanges identical.  BUT the exit pipes were 8 inches too short.

So today I went to CarQuest.  I they ordered these two 12 inch long 1 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch extensions and I bought the clamps.  Then I went to O'reilly's for the cheap chrome tips.  I wanted the OEM CRX Si look.  CarQuest had the extensions to me in 30 minutes!!!!!

Since the extensions were 12 inch and I only needed 8, I had to cut them down.  I went all over looking for an exhaust pipe cutter (the little chain strap with the cutting wheels on it) so I could have it for junk yard trips, but no luck.  Like an idiot, I gave the cheapie hacksaw a go.  

Then I busted out the sawzall.

I put the extensions on the car and marked them with a marker and then went to cutting.  

Then went on and lined up just right.

Tightened the clamps down and sprayed the clamp bolts with rust inhibitor so they will be easy to get off in the future.  Also did the muffler bolts while I was there.

One of the pipes is down lower Sad  Oh well.

It's not so noticable on the ground.  Here's the end result.

Total cost was $35.  The muffler was $10 at the junk yard, the extensions and clamps were $15 and the cheap chrome tips were $10.

Thanks for reading.  I'll be putting this in my build thread as well.

Great job youve done some very nice work on it..

Looks like there is some rust on the rear arches and sills try see to that asap... I didnt and it was a nightmare to fix when I did get it done Embarassed
Edison Carasio

Yeah, this car has some serious rust issues Sad Sad  At some point I may just buy another shell with less or no rust (if such a thing exists) and swap all the good stuff over.

Pity... But you can still reweld in panels if you have the time to do it..

Would have been easier for me to reshell mine into the 35m shell as the arches and sills are near perfect on it but there is alot of rust in around the boot Rolling Eyes
Edison Carasio

New goodies for the car.

Head gasket, valve cover gasket, water pump, timing belt and tensioner, ARP headstuds and eBay header with newish O2.  The DSM injectors are for eventual use and will spend the the near future on a shelf waiting to be used.

Not pictured are the poly mounts that I never installed.  Fail for being lazy.

nice build you have going
EF Sedan Enthusiast

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