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Beef Dogg

1991 1.4 16v Manual in Scotland


I'm Kev, drive a VW Bora that's pretty boring. The reason for joining is my girlfriend has taken ownership of an awesome red 1.4 16v ED(?)

Looking for some infoz about compatibility, offsets and max widths of wheels and general upgrade options.

After some time on the net I have noticed its pretty fucking hard to get bits, so some top on finding the good bits and what good bits are available would be awesome.

Now to have a look around the forum, cheers

Welcome to the forum, any pics? An a 1.4 huh I wanna see Smile

welcome  Very Happy
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  If you look through this website you should be able to find answers to all of your questions.

Looking forward to seeing pix of the sedan.


EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Looking forward to seeing pix of the sedan.
Beef Dogg

her new wheels

and my mates sedan
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Both of your sedans are awesome.  Can't wait see more!  Is your buddy a member on here?  Seems like I've seen pix of his somewhere.

mrk I ssr's Shocked  Shocked my absolute fav.

love both sedan. more pics  Very Happy

welcome to the site mate! yours and your mates sedans are AWESOME. Wheels are FLAWLESS!!! if you need anything at all we are glad to help. Please dont be shy! once again welcome!!! Forum Index -> The Intro...
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