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whoa its len 2

1990 Civic LX

Been holding onto it for too long, time to sell it. 1990 Civic LX, 2nd owner... bought it from the orginal owner who is a relative. Clean title, non op registered. Haven't started since 2009. Garaged since.

Serious known problems...
Right rear wheel bearing shot
Radiator leaks
Dist seal leaks
Gets stuck in 5th

Auto to manual, 5sp ex tranny... also will throw in a spare dx tranny unknown condition
5sp ecu, no cruise control but cruise control parts are still installed
5sp gauge cluster
Tokico Illuminas
Sprint Extremes
Original Enkei 92, 14x6 33 offset resprayed black
DA sedan rear sway bar
1st gen DA lip
Smoked front corners
EX muffler
Color matched optional center console

Car needs some work I wont lie. Great if you need a chassis for your engine swap project. Lots of other details to go over for those seriously interested.

Asking $1000. You'll need to tow it and bring 4 wheels and tires as the ones on it now are blown out. Located in San Diego, CA. PM me if interested.

Always liked the maroon baron  Cool

that sucks man, glws tho, very cheap.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sorry to hear you're leaving the game.  If I was in Cali it would be sold.  Good luck though man.

Sorry to hear you're sellin man.

I hate that your selling it but a grand is a steal bro! I'll let me people around here know, I'll tell them 1800 for ya  Wink

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