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Looking at some 15X8.5 +17 far will they stick out (not wanting a lot of poke)...I've seen pictures of the wheels I want on a wagovan but if they do poke, will i need to run a camber kit?

Camber kit yes. But why 17s? That's usually to large for our vehicles

+17 offset.

depends on the tire you get for them


toyo tr1

They a just a bit taller than the setup I had, I did roll the fenders all
around, and pulled the rears. With just a lil camber on the back. But my
car is pretty low, that's why I had to run camber and pull the rear,
otherwise the tire would have rub.

As for the camber kit, I have the oem arms, they had 3 washer on each
Bolt I took one off. They're about 1.5mm thick or less. So you'll have like 3mm to mess around with the stock camber.

Friend of mine says that with the double wishbone setup on our cars the the natural camber might be enough without having to buy aftermarket arms?  As for the poke, what am I looking i said i dont want super swamper poke lol

yea the lower you go the more - camber you're gonna get.

My apologies! Laughing

There's a sick ef on 15x8 +10
30mm spacers on the rears

He's slammed and has some poke but the negative camber and stance looks real flush.

If he was to be lowered and not slammed there would prob be 6-8mm of poke but that's just a guess.

Paired with 195/45 tires you would have good clearance because of stretched tires.

I recommend atleast +20 or +25 to play it safe.

If your wheels need spacers that's a easier fix than a new set of rims.

If your lowered always have camber kits.

It will save your tires. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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