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15x8, 0 offset.??? tire size???

So I just want to know what size you guys running.

I saw a almond,cream sedan on work equips that's was running
195/45r15 with the same spec 15x8 0 et.

It looked like he was tucking tire, I don't want lots of negative camber tho.

so what tire size are you using on your wheels?
Please post pictures and specs.

thank you

Run a 40 series tire if you do not want to have to camber too much and tuck your tire... Others may know more and have their opinions, so, this is just mine.. a 45 may be too much meat for a 0 offset.  Laughing

Think you re right

40 would be good I have 50 but mine aren't 0 offset

idk if i want to get 165 45s  Confused   what you all think?

I'm running 45's but i have a 30 offset... Not 0... If you have 0, with 45's, i have a feeling you will need to roll and maybe flare your fenders a bit if not camber your wheels in.... if not, you will be rubbing.

Just sayin', i'm not an expert, someone else may chime in..

Yeah I know, I have some pics of a cream sedan on work equip 01 with 195 45.  
The wheel specs are the same 15x8 0 off. It looks pretty sweet.
Don't know hw he managed to fit them so well


Your gonna have to roll your fenders and getting the 40 and you'll be good

I test fitted a set of 13x6 +0 dragway four spokes recently and they poked a lot at stock height with stock camber.
8" +0 will poke a lot more and you will have to be almost slammed with a decent about of stretch and camber to pull it off. I mean, anything is doable but it's a lot of mucking about.
My new wheels are going to poke a fair bit being low offset 7.5" and as such I'll be stretching some 165/55/14's over them. Yes it's dumb stretch but from what I got out of the dragway fit, it's going to poke a lot and need the stretch to clear the fenders.
I'll be running dc2r rear lca's which are a tad longer than stock which will give me a tiny bit more negative camber too so that might also help. But either way I'm going to have to be pretty low.

Hope that helps. Btw if you guys haven't used willtheyfit, you should! It makes offset calculations etc a lot easier.[/url]

Whenever I see tires on Craigslist I go to  Razz


I'm looking at buying some 15x8's as well and my friend with an ee wagon says they won't fit. 0 offset, but you guys all seem to think with the right tire it might be okay?

Any wheel can fit. It all comes down to how dedicated you want to be. It might be stretching tyres, intense guard work, flares, crazy camber etc. At the end of the day it comes down to what you want out of the car.
If you want a dedicated drivers car, I'd not recommend 0 offset as you won't be able to run decent tyres and you will lose nearly all sidewall flex, making the car a lot snappier and less progressive. But on the other hand, if you just want a daily or show pony, the sky is the limit.

That's the question you have to ask yourself. I guess 0 offset 8" wheels isn't too crazy but on the Civic you don't have much guard room to play with so I'd stick to a higher offset in the 20's probably. I'm still new to the Honda game so take all this with a grain of salt. But I'm certain you will run into trouble. I fit 13x6 +0 offset wheels to my car and they poked about 10-20mm ourt the guards with 165 tyres on. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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