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0 offset wheels

whats good i had my ef sedan seens last october and i was plaining on buyin some xxr 002 15x8 with a 0 offset and i seen a pic of a 4g4d with the same rims i want but im not sure what the offset was i know im goin to have to roll and flare my fenders i just wanted to know if anybody has 15x8 with that offset on there car

I would ditch the zero offset and get +10 or higher. The zero offset is too much and you would need to run 195 45 15 with alot of camber. Its been done but doesnt look good

16x8 20 offset

would a 2.5f 2.25r drop look good with this size rim and offset these r the wheels

Rolling, pulling, and Camber, and just about everything everyone else said.

My friend bought the same wheels, and is having problems with rubbing, and he has an EK. Which.. I believe is a tad wider then an ef.


thats wack i really like them about i dont feel like doin all that just for wheels i'll just go with 15x7 Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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