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* 2_Envy's EFsedan *

Hey everyone. Starting up my EF sedan project (again). Let me give you a little bit of back ground of the sedan. I first bought it last summer for $500 from an old man. It was in decent shape. Started piecing together a B16 and as i went about building up the motor i also picked up parts to give the sedan my personal touch. But shortly after completing the swap i sold it. It never ran right, no vtec tec, overheated, 3rd gear grind. And at the moment i ran out of time and money to work on the car. School was startin up and couldnt drive it around in that state. so i had to sell it. time went by and went threw afew more hondas. My sedan went threw afew other people and finally made its way back to me. Funny thing is, its the same way i left it besides the wheels and the added LS seats. And now im going to finish what i started.

enough chit chat. Heres a qwik time line of the build.

when i first got it. .

front lip+fogs+drop

befor the swap

the heart transplant opperation


and how it is today. . .


-DA front lip
-clear corners
-DIY foglights

-Crx Si cluster
-DC2 center consol/armrest
-DA seats

-Skunk2 loweringsprings
-Tokico shocks

-B16A2 swap
-YS1 B16 cable tranny
-bottom end rebuilt to stock specs
-Super Tech valve springs
-GS-R cams
-ghetto fab intake

might be missing afew things but anyway, plan for the build is to get it running right first, may go turbo but im not sure yet.

bad 3rd gear
no vtec
overheating problem

might replace the syncros or just pic up a ls tranny
vtec is on a switch. wiring problems maybe?
over heating i have no clue why?

let me know what you guys think. ill be updating this evertime i work on my car. updates soon!!

Looking good, it has definitely come a long way.  I think it looked really good on the 14" Integra DA wheels!  Those 5zigens look pretty sweet too.  Do you have the full set?

yea i agree. it was at its prime with the DA wheels. those 5zigen wheels are too big and no i dont have the set

Good to see you've got it back bud.


looks good and swap looks clean, deff liked the da wheels, question for did ya mount the seats? did ya fab the da rails or swap ur rails on the da seat?? apreciate any info!

Nice but needs some love in the back. Laughing

rice burner- actually the seats arent even bolted in yet. haha. i believe 3 bolts bolt in unless you do a seat pan swap. i can deal with 3 bolts.

soon to come. .  previous owner left 97spec ITR headers in the trunk. lol SCORE! not sure but i think im going to need do some cutting on the front subframe to fit the 4-1 headers.

also, going to refresh the bay with a new valve cover.

updates soon! stay tuned! Forum Index -> Project Logs
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