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Honda engine/chassis codes

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 5:32 am    Post subject: Honda engine/chassis codes  Reply with quote

AG hatch 83-87 EV
AH hatch (gt) 83-97 EW
AJ wagon 83 EV
AK sedan/wagon 83 EW
AL 84-87 1.2L
AN wagon 84-88 EW
AT hatch (si) 84-85 1.6L ZC (dohc)
AU ferio (si) 85 1.6L ZC (dohc)

EC2 hatch 88-91 1.3L
EC3 hatch 88-91 1.5L
EC4 sedan 88-91
EC5 wagon 88-91
EC6 wagon (4wd) 88-91
EC8 hatch 88-91 1.3L
EC9 hatch 88-89 1.3L w/o cat
ED2 sedan 88-89 1.4L
EE5 sedan (4wd) 88-91 1.6L d16a6
EE6 CRX 89-91 1.4L 100hp
EE8 CRX 90-91 1.6L b16a1
EE9 hatch 90-91 1.6L vtec
EF1 87 1.3L d13b
EF2 all 87 1.5L d15b
EF3 all 87 1.6L zc
EF4 all 87 1.5L d15b
EF5 all 87 1.6L zc
EF6 CRX 87-92 1.5L d15b
EF7 CRX 87-92 1.6L zc (usdm d16a6)
EF8 CRX 87-92 1.6L b16a
EF9 89 1.6L b16a
EG3 hatch 91-95 1.3L d13b
EG4 hatch 91-95 1.5L d15b vtec
EG5 hatch 91-95 1.6L ZC vtec
EG6 hatch 91-95 1.6L b16a
EG7 1.3L d13b
EG8 ferio 91-95 1.5L d15b vtec
EG9 ferio 91-95 1.6L b16a
EGN1 ferio 91 1.6L ZC
EH1 ferio (4wd) 92-95 1.6L ZC
EJ3 1.6L ZC
EJ4 CRX delsol 1.6L d16a
EJ9 hatch/ferio 96-00
EK1 hatch (auto) 96-00
EK2 hatch/ferio 95 1.3L d13b
EK3 hatch/ferio/sj 95-00 1.5L d15b vtec
EK4 hatch/ferio 95-00 1.6L b16a
EK5 ferio (4wd) 95-00 1.6L d16a
EK8 hatch 95-00 1.6L d16a
EK9 type r 97-00 1.6L b16b
EL1 orthia (sj) 96-00 1.8L b18b
EL2 orthia 96-00 2.0L b20b
EL3 orthia 96-00 2.0L b20b
ES1 ferio 00 1.5L d15b
ES2 ferio 00 1.5L d15b
ES3 ferio 00 1.7L d17b
EU1 00 1.5L d15b
EU2 00 1.5L d15b
EU3 00 1.7L d17a
EU4 00 1.7L d17a
EY2 1.3L d13b
EY4 1.5L d15b
EY5 1.6L ZC
EY6 partner 97 1.3L d16b
EY7 partner 97 1.5L d15b
EY8 partner 97 1.6L d16a
EY9 partnet 1.6L d16a

MA1 concerto 88-92 1.5L d15b
MA2 concerto 4d/5d 88-92 1.6L ZC
MA3 concerto 4wd 88-92 1.6L ZC
MA4 domani 92-96 1.6L ZC
MA5 domani 92-96 1.8L b18b
MA6 domani 4wd 92-96 1.6L ZC
MA7 domani 94-96 1.5L d15b vtec-e
MA8 5d 95-96 1.4L
MA9 5d 95-96 1.5L d15b vtec-e
MB1 5d 95-96 1.6L
MB2 5d 96-01 1.4L
MB3 5d/domani 97-00 1.5L d15b vtec-e
MB4 5d/el/domani 97-00 1.6L d16a
MB5 domani 4wd 97-00 1.6L d16a
MB6 97-00 1.8L
MB8 aerodeck 98-01 1.4L
MB9 aerodeck 98-01 1.5L d15b vtec-e
MC1 aerodeck 98-00 1.6L
MC2 aerodeck 98-00 1.8L vtec
MC9 aerodeck 98-01 2.0L diesel
SB 2d/3d 72-74 EB1
73-77 EB2
78-79 EB3
SC 4d 75-79 1.2L EE cvcc
1.5L EC cvcc
SE 4d 73-79 1.5L EC cvcc
SF 4d 78-79 EB3
1.5L EC cvcc
1.5L EE cvcc
SG 1.5L ED cvcc
SH 4d 75-79 1.5L ED/EE cvcc
SK 79 1.3L EJ cvcc
SL 1300s 78-82 1.3L EJ cvcc
SR 79 1.3L EJ cvcc
1.5L EM cvcc
SS civic/ballade 80-83 1.3L EJ
ST 4d/ballade 80-83 1.5L EM
VB civic van (5d) 1.5L EC cvcc
VE 1.3L EJ
WC wagon
WD wagon 80 1.5L EM

MJ1 = MA4 isuzu gemini 93-98 1.6L ZC
MJ2 = MA6 isuzu gemini 4wd 94-98 1.6L ZC
MJ3 = MA7 isuzu gemini 95-98 1.5L d15b
MJ4 = MB3 isuzu gemini 97-00 1.5L d15b
MJ5 = MB4 isuzu gemini/vertex 97-00 1.6L d16a
MJ6 = MB5 isuzu gemini 4wd 97-00 1.6L d16a

*ED3 sedan 89-91 1.5L
*ED4 sedan 88-91 1.6L
*ED6 hatch 89-91 1.5L
*ED7 hatch 88-91 1.6L
*ED8 CRX (usdm) 88-91 1.5L d15b6 (60hp)
d15b2 (90hp)
*ED9 CRX 87-88 1.6L d16a9 (130hp w/o cat)
88-91 d16z5 (124hp w/ cat)

*EE2 wagon 1.5L
*EE4 wagon (4wd) 88-91 1.6L

*EG1 CRX delsol 92-98 1.5L d15b
*EG2 CRX delsol vtec 92-98 1.6L b16a3
*EH2 hatch 1.5L
*EH3 hatch 1.6L
*EH6 CRX delsol 92-98 1.6L d16a (AT d16z)
*EH9 sedan 92-95 1.6L vtec
*EJ1 coupe 93-95 1.6L d16a
*EJ2 coupe 93-95 1.5L
*EJ6 96-00 1.6L d16y7 (cx, dx, lx)
*EJ7 coupe 96-00 1.6L d16y5 (hx)
*EJ8 coupe/hatch 96-00 1.6L d16y8 (ex)
*EM1 coupe 99-00 1.6L b16a2 (si)
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:02 pm    Post subject: EDM Reply with quote


EC8 hatch        1.3(Luxe)         D13B1/2           75 PS
EC9 hatch        1.4 GL/GLX       D14A1              90 PS
ED6 hatch        1.5i GL/GLX      D15B2              90 PS
ED7 hatch        1.6i                  D16A6/Z2       110 PS
ED7 hatch        1.6i-16/GT        D16A9/Z5       130 PS
EE9 hatch        1.6i-VT             B16A1             150 PS

ED2 sdn           GL/GLX             D14A1              90 PS
ED3 sdn           GL/GLX             D15B2              90 PS
ED4 sdn                                   D16A6/Z2       110 PS
EE5 sdn           4WD                D16A6/Z2       110 PS


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